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Yoga poses to strengthen your core

With summer around the corner, many are focused on how to attain that perfect beach body. While some focus on fad diets to slim down fast, it is important to note that lasting weight loss is found through a balance of a moderate diet and exercise. A significant factor in slimming down in the waist and abdominal area is our core.

What exactly is our ‘core’?

When someone in fitness refers to the ‘core’, they are talking about the muscles mainly found in the abdominal and lower back region. However, the core can also generally refer to an individual’s entire torso region, including the neck and hips.

For those who aren’t exactly enthused about the idea of traditional weightlifting, numerous crunches, or other high-impact exercises to strengthen the core—you’re in luck. A great exercise regimen to incorporate a strong core workout can be found throughout various yoga poses. Below are examples of 5 yoga poses that, when done correctly and frequently, should improve core strength:

Plank Pose– With your shoulders exactly above your elbows, and your torso parallel to the floor, press your forearm into the floor and lift your hips. Keep this pose for about 30 seconds, then release.
Cat-Cow– On all fours, with your hands exactly under your shoulders, inhale deeply and arch your back and shoulders to the ceiling. As you release your breath, bring your shoulders and back down towards the floor, slowly, until your back is completely straight again. It is important that you focus on your breathing, and stretch slowly in this position.
Boat Pose– While seated on the floor, lengthen your torso and raise your legs forward, so as to create a 45-degree angle using your legs so your toes are at or near eye-level. Once your legs are stretched forward, raise your arms as if you were reaching for your calves. Try and hold this pose for approximately 15-20 seconds, and gradually increase the time as you become comfortable with the pose.
Chair Pose– Much like its name, the chair pose consists of you coming to a half squat pose. Once you are in this squat-like pose, raise your arms to the ceiling and hold for 10-15 seconds. Gradually increase the time as you become more comfortable with this particular pose.
Locust Pose– While laying on your stomach, gradually bring your torso as high as you can. Once your torso is raised, reach your arms behind your back so your hands are interlocked. Hold this pose for about 15 seconds.

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