A Body at TheraMotion, stays in Motion.

We provide Physical Therapy services

Physical Therapy is the Art of addressing and treating contributing factors to physical disabilities, musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, by assessing and teaching proper biomechanics in order to optimize function and improve overall well being. This is achieved by utilizing the following: various massage techniques to relax muscles and increase flexibility, manual therapy techniques to improve mobility and tissue flexibility, therapeutic exercise for neuromuscular re-education of strength, balance and agility, proper posture and body mechanics and a complete home exercise program to help manage a patient’s condition.

Fully trained and licensed staff

Our New York State licensed Physical Therapists are highly trained in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise rehabilitation. Our goal is to help you get on with your busy life and to do the things you once did or want to do. Unique to our practice is the incorporation of the Pilates Method, which is so closely related with Physical Therapy because of its focus on core strengthening, flexibility and overall body awareness.