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Working out? Get those stretches in!

Have you ever experienced a cramp or pain in the middle of a workout? Most likely, the answer is yes. Now, try to remember if you had stretched thoroughly before that cramp hit? Here the answer is: probably not.

Stretching is one of the most crucial components of a workout. You read that right; while muscle and stamina are widely considered the necessities to be considered ‘fit’, flexibility is also just as important. Stretching assists in the promotion of flexibility, which in turn helps muscle growth and an increased range of motion needed for a good workout.

According to an article published by Harvard Health Publishing, the muscles you should be focused on in order to stretch are the following:

• Hips
• Quadriceps
• Calves
• Hamstrings
• Shoulders
• Lower back

Without proper stretching before a workout, our muscles become prone to tightening, weakness, and in some cases, injury during a workout. Stretching thoroughly is recommended not only when one exercises, but in general approximately 3-5 times per week.

A physical therapist can help a patient assess their flexibility, and propose a stretching plan suitable to the individual’s strength and ability. However, don’t expect results immediately. As with beginning any other new diet or exercise program, the results and progress from proper stretching may take weeks or months to fully develop.

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