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Stretches To Help Your Knee Pain Go Away

What causes knee pain?

  • The knee is a complex structure and knee pain occurs for a number of different reasons and victims are universal. It can occur at any age and almost everybody will experience it at least once in their lifetime.
  • Some reasons for knee pain includes sports injury, damage to the knee muscle or bone damage, accident or even a birth deformity.
  • Being overweight or obese is considered to be a contributing factor to knee pain. The excess body weight puts more stress on knee joint that may leads to knee bone breakage or tissue damage.
  • Certain sports like basketball, alpine skiing, and running causes repeated pounding on your knees and increases the risk of knee injury.

Knee pain soother

  • The best knee pain reliever is physical therapy. A physical therapist will analyze your knee profile, examines your medical history and provide you with pain relieving exercises.
  • Exercises strengthens the knee muscle and maintains joint’s full range of motion.
  • Strengthening the knee muscles will prevent you from further knee injury.
  • Knee pain exercises need not be hard, even simple and low-impact exercises are beneficial increasing its flexibility and strength.
  • Consult your physical therapist before starting any exercise of your own, physical therapists are the ones who can provide you with a necessary and detailed instruction of the right knee pain exercise for you.
  • Below we discuss the benefits of a few moves and stretches that can soothe your knee pain.


  • Squatting improves your knee flexibility and prevents injury.
  • It keeps your knee strong and movable.
  • This exercise tones your whole leg and builds muscle throughout the body.
  • Squatting improves the blood circulation and doesn’t put a strain on your back.


  • It is a low-impact exercise that gives big results.
  • It is fun to practice and helps to burn more calories.
  • Increases the flexibility and improves the joint balance as well as endurance.
  • It tones up the leg muscle and butt area.

Straight Leg raise

  • It is a simple exercise, just lie on your back, support your pelvis by placing the hands under buttocks and gently raise the leg skyward without bending the knees and rest it down slowly to the start position and repeat.
  • This is an equipment-free exercise that sculpts your lower body. It engages the thigh muscles and helps to give tone and definition. It greatly improves the knee muscles and makes it more flexible thus helping to reduce knee pain.

Knee flexion

  • Knee flexion exercise, its purpose is to strengthen the hamstring muscles and it engages the hip flexors.
  • Hamstring muscles are the muscle group that is found in the back of the leg and it protects the knee from any injury or damage. Any malfunctioning or tightening or stiffening of the hamstring muscles will directly elevate the knee pain. Hence the knee flexion exercise is practiced to make this hamstring muscle group more flexible and thus supports the knee.
  • This exercise builds power and improves the balance and muscle control of the lower body.


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