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How to avoid back injury while doing everyday housework

With the holidays around the corner, and houseguests anticipated, the time for cleaning out homes both inside and out has arrived. Some of these chores include clearing out elevated cabinets, cupboards, and gutters, as well as maintaining the family garden.

Unfortunately, sometimes along with housework comes unforeseen injury…specifically to the back. This risk of household injury while cleaning becomes more prevalent when the individual does not regularly stretch and do some sort of physical exercise.

The most effective ways to avoid any potential injury, are to always stretch before cleaning, and to be especially aware of how you lift household items.

Here are some tips to prevent injury while conducting housework:

– Always stretch prior to doing any sort of heavy lifting.
– Lifting the correct way: one should always bend at the knees rather than putting all their weight on their waist when lifting something.
– Maintain body weight on the legs rather than on the torso region.
– Be sure to carry heavier items close to the body.
– If it is a two-person job, don’t be shy to ask a relative or friend for help!

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